Global Taxi Dispatch Software Solution

Taxi business is a lucrative business; therefore, you need a responsive taxi dispatch software or taxi app to cater to the demand of your users.

Our team comprises the finest developers who are specialists in creating the most responsive taxi app that takes care of your business from start to finish.

Dispatch System with best features

Our developers work assiduously to deliver topnotch taxi dispatch software that will outperform other taxi apps on the market. Our designers prioritise user experience (UX) and an easy-to-navigate user interface (UI) in the development of your cutting-edge dispatch software. This process involves many review stages; however, as long as we achieve the best taxi app, we are happy.

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Completely scalable according to your unique business needs.

Taxi Dispatch Software

Artifical Intelligence

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies to track locations of any other vehicle.

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Cloud Dispatch

Multi-device interface including Android and iOS.

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Realtime Management

Real-time data management including fleets, pricing, drivers & jobs.

Taxi Dispatch Software

Fare Management

Vehicle pricing & others surcharges can be updated anytime.

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Customer Support

24/7 Customer support for our product if any assistance required.

Beat Competitors Hands down

We provide the best white-labelled solution that enables you to create a taxi app for your business following the specifications you have in mind to serve your clients and represent your brand name, logo, and much more. It does not matter when your competitors deployed their taxi apps, beat them hands down with a dispatch system that captures all necessary factors and is easy to customise to your needs.


Cabcher is created to help Taxi companies to automise all their manual works that gives an opportunity to look into the expansion of their business.

Create an Online Presence

Your app, your brand. Create an online presence for your taxi business by taking your taxi booking and dispatch system online. Take advantage of the teeming population using smartphones and looking for taxi-hailing software.

24/7 Support

If you encounter any difficulties, you can contact us anytime. Our technical support is always available to deal swiftly with your issues. Besides, you will be given a dedicated account manager.

Go Live In No Time

You do not have to break the bank to get the app of your dream. Get your taxi dispatch software to the app store today. You do not have to hire the most expensive developers.

Works on Android & iOS Platforms

Users have different kinds of devices – Android and iOS. Hence, users can have your taxi app in their preferred operating system.

Chat with Driver

Cabcher allows you to chat with the driver and get updates about pickups.

Exhilarating Taxi-hailing Experience

Dazzle your customers with a seamless taxi app and dispatch system that comes with features you can tailor to your business needs.

Mobile Apps for Drivers & Passenger

Bring drivers and passengers together to the same platform where they strike a deal, and both parties will be happy.

Cabcher creates a bond between passengers and drivers.

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