Features: Cabcher Dispatch

Cabcher Dispatch offers a robust solution that enables taxi companies to achieve efficiency, maximum customer satisfaction, and growth. The taxi booking solution is comprehensive and caters to all the needs of any taxi company. Do not just take our word for it; here are the unique features of Cabcher Dispatch:

General Features

Cabcher Dispatch comes with monthly subscriptions. Every monthly payment qualifies you for full fucntionality, updates, benefits, and customer support. Besides, the setup cost is also covered, giving access to an unlimited number of users, drivers, and vehicles. Other features include:

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The Cabcher Dispatch’s dashboard is the control panel of the taxi booking solution. It showcases:

Driver Management

The driver management menu comes with options to add or edit drivers. Other features include:
Cabcher-Driver list

Customer Management

Manage customers and related information. Here is a list of functions that can be performed:


Have full control over the deployment and management of the entire Cabcher Dispatch. Do the following



Fix and manage pricing-related information. It features:

Payment Gateways

Multiple payment channels are provided for clients for hassle-free payment. Here are the payment gateways available:

Payment Options
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Content Management System

Experience smooth and efficient content management with the following:


Manage all notifications to admin, drivers, and passengers with the following:

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Voucher Management

Create and manage all vouchers with:


Request and manage requests:

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Other Features

Other features of Cabcher Dispatch include:


View relevant statistics for measuring the performance of the transfer business. It features the following: