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Cabcher is a product of Negup Solutions.

  • Negup Solutions is a best-in-class taxi software and application development company. We specialize in providing custom and top-of-the-line solutions for businesses, especially in the transportation industry. We pride ourselves on decades of industry experience and high-end solutions that meet the client's needs. Our solution is well-researched, carefully crafted on real market information and trends, and customized to meet each business's needs. We are committed to helping startups and existing businesses achieve tremendous growth and efficiency by enabling them to focus on the core of their business while we provide the solid technological base for their businesses to run and thrive.
Over the years, we have helped several businesses and companies take advantage of our learning curve. We provide them with the right platform for their businesses to function without hassles and allow them to scale up their businesses. Within a short time, they became some of the industry's leaders in their different sectors. At Negup Solutions, we have become an integral part of various businesses by giving them a full package of high-end solutions. One of our most popular products or solutions includes Cabcher Dispatch Booking Solutions. With our taxi booking software and application development solutions, new and existing taxi transfer companies have the opportunity to become industry leaders within a short time

Why Choose us

you can start your transfer business anywhere in the world within a few hours

With Cabcher Dispatch Booking Solution, you can start your transfer business anywhere in the world within a few hours. Get your vehicles ready. We will give you a platform that guarantees smooth operations, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue. The solution is perfectly curated, considering the best design options that will resonate with users, software development in Android and iOS operating systems for much wider acceptance and usage, and seamless onboarding and efficiency.

From website design and development to mobile app development for businesses, Negup Solutions offers a consummate solution that will undoubtedly result in growth, increased efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased revenue. We are committed to your business's success and excellence by providing you with the right platform to attract and grow your customer base and revenue.

We serve businesses in all niches, and we have recorded tremendous results. Our team comprises in-house developers and certified professionals who are dedicated to helping you grow your business. If you want to transform and grow your business, you have the best chance with us. Contact us for consultation and high-end solutions guaranteed to take your business to the next level.