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10 Reasons Why Cabcher Is the Perfect Solution for Your Taxi Business

10 Reasons Why Cabcher Is the Perfect Solution for Your Taxi Business

Are you running a taxi business? But don’t know how to overcome the challenges and threats faced in the cab Industry? Fear not when Cabcheris here. From managing the drivers to ensuring customer satisfaction, it’s not just software but an efficient tool that makes your life easier. Cabcher Is the Perfect Solution for Your Taxi Business.

Ride into the future, with Cabcher!

  • Efficient Dispatching

The dispatch software dashboard is the heart of taxi business operations. Why because it is easy to add or edit the bookings on the website. It ensures whether the driver has been allocated or assigned to a customer. Also, the drivers could be effortlessly spotted and tracked. This leads to the minimization of waiting time for the passengers by maximizing the utilization of resources. Want to cancel the booking? No worries, you have every single option on Cabcher.

  • Driver Management

Driver management is about overviewing the activities and performance of a driver. It includes functionalities from driver registration to verifying the document. After completing these tasks, the software helps to allocate drivers to the customers. It helps taxi companies to monitor the punctuality and the behavior of the drivers. Also, it optimizes routes to maximize the efficiency and minimize the downtime.

  • Enhancing Client Satisfaction

A business cannot run without the customers. And it is their duty to satisfy their needs. From the moment where the customer initiates the ride to the completion of their journey, we ensure that the maximum level of satisfaction is achieved. Above all these, it is essential to check whether the software is of user- a friendly interface, which makes taxi booking more effortless. By incorporating features such as intelligent routing and live tracking, Cabcher has enhanced customer satisfaction. To guarantee the safety and security of the passengers, the red SOS button is available as soon as the trip starts.

  • Real-time tracking

With real-time tracking capabilities, both passengers and drivers benefited. It helps the taxi business to allocate cabs more effectively based on the nearby location of the customers. It doesn’t halt there. The passengers could monitor each and every move of the private cabs by leveraging GPS and advanced algorithms. Also, passengers could estimate the arrival of the taxi and the exact time takes for the completion of the journey.

  • Data Security

Data Security plays a vital role when using software. It is important to protect sensitive information such as customer details, payment details, and driver’s data. Data stored in the system has been encrypted using algorithms to avoid unauthorized access.

  • User- friendly

We guarantee a seamless operation for your taxi business. It encompasses clear navigation and easily accessible features. From the dispatcher’s perspective, user-friendly is when the dashboard represents information such as assigning rides to the customers, managing the bookings, and monitoring the driver’s status in a precise manner.

  • Budget-friendly

Cabcher is known to be cost-effective, due to its flexible pricing plans. It offers both monthly and yearly pricing options with a wide range of choices such as Additional tradings, White-label solutions, Premium email addresses, One-time dashboard setup assistance, and Basic dashboard setup assistance. Also, to launch your apps under your brand, the registration fee for creating a developer account should be paid directly to the Play Store and App Store.

  • Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics Dashboard within our taxi dispatch software offers an overview of the performance for optimizing operations. Users can easily track metrics such as miles traveled, driver performance, peak times, harsh driving, etc. With customizable configurations and real-time analytics, we provide all the necessary tools to oversee your fleet and deliver exceptional customer service. 

  • Booking with Ease

Our best taxi dispatch software offers a perfect booking experience for both passengers and dispatchers. Due to the user-friendly interface, passengers can effortlessly book rides with just a few clicks or taps. Our system provides various options for booking where passengers can specify their pickup and drop-off locations, choose vehicle preferences, and track their rides. 

  • Providing Technical support

Technical support is the backbone of any taxi dispatch system, guaranteeing its smooth functioning around the clock. We provide quick assistance and resolve any issues that may arise during operations.

Whether the problem arises due to software glitches issues or compatibility issues, our technical support team ensures uninterrupted service. Any issues or concerns raised by the customer are taken into priority to be resolved promptly and efficiently.

Say goodbye to endless waiting and hello to convenience! With just a tap, you are on your way to your destination. Whether it is a quick trip or a long journey, we got you covered. Let’s navigate the city together with Cabcher. Check Out our Demo to know more about our software.