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Cabcher vs. Other Taxi Dispatch Software: A Comparison Guide:

Cabcher vs. Other Taxi Dispatch Software A Comparison Guide

Are you struggling with the decision of selecting the ideal taxi dispatch software for your taxi business?

The optimal choice hinges on your specific requirements and budget constraints. Let’s examine, compare, and distinguish the top three taxi dispatch software options currently available.


  • Cabcher is emerging as one of the best taxi dispatch software solutions in the market, offering comprehensive and robust solutions.
  • Ideal for any taxi business seeking an innovative platform to address on-the-go business needs.
  • Developed by Negup Solutions, Cabcher has successfully catered to over 500 taxi businesses with tailored specifications.


  • Taxicaller is another popular software solution that mirrors the features of Cabcher but lacks API integration.
  • Provides services akin to Cabcher, making it a competitive option in the market.


  • While relatively new compared to its competitors, Taximobility offers a different experience.
  • Does not provide advanced features such as White Labelling and CRM Integration when compared to others.

So, which dispatch software is the optimal choice for you?

All three applications present a range of features, encompassing:

  • The capability to pre-book a cab or request one on-demand
  • Real-time tracking of your cab
  • Estimated arrival time
  • Fare estimates
  • Cashless transactions

However, notable distinctions exist among the apps in terms of features. Cabcher distinguishes itself by offering several unique features, including:

  • Ride scheduling: Cabcher allows you to schedule a ride in advance, catering to travelers who require specific cab bookings for events like airport pickups or drop-offs.
  • Corporate accounts: Cabcher provides sub accounts tailored for businesses managing ride details and invoices for that specific sub accounts. These accounts come with various benefits, such as discounted fares and centralized billing.

All three apps offer competitive pricing, but there are some slight differences. Cabcher’s fares are generally reasonable and slightly lower than Taxicaller’s or TaxiMobility’s fares.

User reviews:
All three apps have generally positive user reviews. However, Cabcher has the highest average user rating on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Cabcher users praise the app for its ease of use, its reliable service, and its affordable fares.

Here is the comparison and difference between cabcher vs taxicaller vs taximobility:

Feature Cabcher TaxiCaller TaxiMobility
Pricing & Demo
Pricing Starts at £25 /10 drivers per month £16.49 /Vehicle per month £8.25 /Vehicle per month
Trial FreenTrial / Complete Demo from support team 14 days trial No
Ride Booking
Real-time tracking Yes Yes Yes
Fare estimation Yes Yes Yes
Multiple payment options Yes Yes Yes
Corporate account management Yes Yes Yes
Dispatching Yes Yes Yes
Driver management Yes Yes Yes
Automated dispatching Yes Yes Yes
Surge pricing Yes Yes Yes
Scheduled rides Yes Yes Yes
Fleet Management
Vehicle tracking Yes Yes Yes
Driver management Yes Yes Yes
Additional Features
White-labeling Yes Yes No
Enterprise support Yes Yes No
Unique Features
Caller ID Yes No No
Hourly Package Yes No No
SMS Integration Yes No No
Google Calendar Integration Yes No No

Why Cabcher is the best cab booking app?

There are a number of reasons why Cabcher is the best cab booking app. Here are a few of the key advantages:

  • Convenience: Cabcher is extremely convenient to use. You can book a cab in just a few taps and track your ride in real time.
  • Affordability: Cabcher offers competitive pricing.
  • Reliability: Cabcher is a reliable service. You can be confident that your cab will arrive on time and that you will get to your destination safely.
  • Features: Cabcher offers a number of unique features, such as ride scheduling, multiple pickup and drop-off locations, and corporate accounts.

As evident, Cabcher stands out as the most feature-rich platform, offering an extensive array of functionalities for both ride booking and fleet management. While TaxiCaller and TaxiMobility provide a good range of features, they do not match the comprehensiveness of Cabcher.

As a conclusion, Cabcher is the top choice for businesses seeking the most comprehensive and feature-rich ride-booking and fleet management software. However, TaxiCaller and TaxiMobility remain solid alternatives, especially for those prioritizing affordability or user-friendliness.

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