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Taxi Dispatch Software

Taxi services are the lifeblood of many cities in the UK and the US, as the majority of people rely on these firms to meet their transportation needs. The taxi industry is facing growing competition, and these taxi companies are grappling with several challenges. They’ve begun shifting their day-to-day operations, such as managing drivers, customers, and fleets, from traditional manual methods to modern automated software solutions, all thanks to the taxi dispatch system.

In today’s times, nearly every taxi company is transitioning to an online taxi booking system instead of solely relying on phone calls. This creates a significant opportunity for taxi businesses that embrace automated taxi management software, and they’re experiencing steady growth as a result. If a business, even one with a well-established taxi brand, fails to adopt automated taxi booking systems, they risk losing a substantial segment of customers who prefer the convenience of online and hassle-free booking services.

Common Business challenges faced by every taxi business owner:

  • A dearth of proper data documentation can result in missed opportunities for potential growth.
  • The absence of real-time tracking makes it challenging for drivers to locate customers.
  • There is an elevated risk of payment errors, disputes, and challenges in handling billing, payments, and receipts.
  • The absence of an automated system in the taxi business can hinder your progress when competitors are embracing advanced technology.
  • Difficult to manage driver tracking and vehicle maintenance schedules, which are important for ensuring a smooth fleet management.
  • There’s a heightened risk of cancellations due to manual dispatch, leading to delays in driver assignments and customer notifications.

How Cabcher can able to help taxi business owners?

  • Cabcher ensures the contentment of both your drivers and customers by effectively automating the backend of the supply and demand chain. This not only eases your workload but also creates an opportunity for you to contemplate business expansion.
  • With Cabcher, 90% of your backend operations are automated through a monthly subscription-based taxi management software, streamlining your day-to-day taxi activities.
  • Given the growing trend of increased mobile web browsing, we’ve developed mobile applications for both drivers and users, readily available on the App Store and Google Play store.
  • By subscribing Cabcher, you can enhance customer retention through improved customer service, offering a seamless taxi booking experience. Customer satisfaction rates directly correlate with customer loyalty.
  • When you use Cabcher, a taxi dispatch system, you gain comprehensive oversight of your business operations, providing valuable insights for identifying growth areas and focal points.

The fundamental features and functionalities of Cabcher encompass:


When a customer pre-books your taxi using the customer app, the details of the booking will appear on your taxi booking dashboard. Thanks to Cabcher’s capabilities, you can now assign a driver to the fleet for dispatch, whether manually or in automated mode. This ensures seamless dispatch without delays, and the app promptly shares the vehicle’s location with the waiting customer. Simultaneously, the driver receives precise information about the customer’s pickup location through the Cabcher drivers app.

Cabcher empowers taxi business owners to efficiently manage their fleets, preventing any idleness among drivers or vehicles. This feature provides real-time vehicle location updates and monitors their movements. Moreover, Cabcher offers automatic driver assignments to all booking customers through the Cabcher user app, streamlining operations and enhancing customer service.

Cabcher delivers comprehensive real-time fleet management through its dispatch dashboard.

Driver Management:

In the realm of the taxi business, it’s paramount to maximise the efficiency of every available driver. Cabcher’s driver management system offers a roster of active drivers, conveniently accessible on the dashboard. From there, you have the option to manually or automatically assign these active drivers to your fleets. Additionally, the driver management system keeps you informed about the status of ongoing rides, ensuring smooth operations.

Customer Management:

The customer management system provides a comprehensive view of all the customers utilising your app. Cabcher assists business owners in monitoring customer activity and analytics, offering valuable insights into customer preferences.

Cabcher enhances the user experience for customers, making it simpler and more convenient for them to book vehicles. Customers can utilise the Cabcher user app to easily book a taxi, either through a web application or a mobile app.


Cabcher’s account feature offers a corporate account complete with self-service capabilities, enabling your corporate clients to easily reserve your fleet for their employees. With Cabcher, You can create sub-accounts for your clients and segregate fleet bookings to generate client invoices.

Our Cabcher system is in a constant state of learning, gathering insights from both the administrative and customer perspectives. Cabcher becomes more intelligent with each passing day, and we are continuously striving to enhance its capabilities.

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