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How Cabcher Can Help You Improve Your Dispatching Efficiency

How Cabcher Can Help You Improve Your Dispatching Efficiency

Increasing demand in the taxi booking pushes taxi business owners to focus on dispatching efficiency of their business. Thus, taxi dispatching efficiency is becoming more important in providing timed and effortless service. Customers start expecting quick assigning and confirmation of their fleet with their GPS tracking, thus creating an effortless manner of starting a ride.

Taxi dispatching was a manual process in the past and dispatchers would receive calls from customers to manually assign drivers to those customers to pick up.

Taxi business companies that use advanced dispatching systems and softwares are way ahead from the competitors. Nowadays, modern taxi business should focus on improving their dispatching efficiency to be positioned better to compete in the fast-running world.

Why do you need a taxi dispatch system?

Taxi dispatch software like Cabcher helps you assign drivers in sequence manner for pickups that optimizes the downtime and driver earnings. Also it ensures that the dispatch has been made in a logical manner based on their nearby location for pickup for the customers.

There are numerous challenges faced by a taxi business company by having manual dispatch methods.

  • Challenge 1: Increase volume in taxi ride request
  • Challenge 2: Increase in demand proportionally increase the efforts in manual dispatch methods
  • Challenge 3: Manual dispatch method of business is non scalable

Cabcher is a cloud-based taxi dispatching software that helps you improve your dispatching efficiency.

What is an automated dispatch system?

An automated dispatch system is a software that automates the business operation of assigning drivers to the customers. This automated system helps in optimizing routes, reduce wait time and enhance the customer satisfaction through previous data and performance.

Here are the few examples how Cabcher taxi dispatch software can help you in dispatch efficiency:

  • Reduced wait time: Automated system reduces the customer wait time by dispatching the nearby available taxi for pickup.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Automated systems provide the estimated wait time and share both driver and customers location with each other making it easy for them to locate for pickup.
  • Reduced driver dissatisfaction: Cabcher’s driver app has the ability for a 2 way support and communication with the customer as well as with the dispatcher. This enables a path to solve any issue and makes the driver feel more supported and valuable in the organisation.

How Cabcher works?

Cabcher is designed to streamline the process of booking and dispatching taxis, making it easier and more convenient for both passengers and taxi companies.

Cabcher makes it easy for the dispatcher to assign, driver to pick up and customer to make cashless payments. It has the super ability to take control of every taxi business operations and automate it to build the most productive framework for your business.

The process of assigning the booking to customers and routing them to the pickup destinations with the help of GPS tracking and two-way communication.

The main objective of a taxi dispatch is to effectively match the availability of the drivers nearby in the location of the customer who is in need of a taxi as quickly as possible. Taxi dispatch software provides the GPS support for customers to track the driver movements and provides the estimated time of arrival. The dispatcher also gets information about the track and status of all taxi rides in progress with the ETA.

Scaling in a taxi business is only possible when you can automate the dispatch and fleet operations in this modern world.

Here are the step of process followed by an automated dispatch system:

  • Receive customer requests for taxi rides
  • Assign taxis for pickups based on the availability and location etc., to the customers
  • Monitor and track all the taxi in motion in real time
  • Provide customers with accurate navigation and ETAs
  • Provides detailed information and communication support with taxi drivers to give them solutions on any issue.

The Dispatch system and its features:

  • Add/Edit Bookings
  • Driver Tracking
  • Search Bookings
  • Driver Plots
  • Cancel Bookings
  • Allocate Drivers
  • Export Bookings

This powerful tool can help you improve your overall business operations and thus gives you space to think about growing your business. By automating tasks, providing real time updates, enabling enhanced communication through reports of performance, it opens a way to provide better service to your customers.

Taxi dispatch software has emerged as a bloodline to all the taxi business companies in this modern world. By enabling efficient dispatch and fleet operations, this technology empowers taxi business to remain competitive in the market to provide top notch customer service.

With cabcher, you can streamline your taxi or private hire business with our all-in-one system.

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