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How to Use Cabcher to Improve Your Customer Service

Taxi Dispatch Software

In the constantly changing transportation industry, well-structured management and proper dispatching of taxis are essential to maintain smooth operations and satisfy customers.

At today’s industry insights, taxi dispatch software is revolutionizing the transport industry by improving the efficiency and customer journey in the taxi business.

Market Watch’s study reveals that the worldwide market for taxi dispatch software was worth .01 billion in 2020 and is projected to hit .53 billion by 2028, with a steady annual growth rate of 8.5% from 2021 to 2028.

These substantial statistics prove that taxi dispatch software is creating a significant impact on the transportation industry.

What is Taxi dispatch software?

A taxi dispatch system is software that helps business owners wisely manage their vehicle fleet with their features. Such as

  • Real-time tracking and updation of their taxis
  • Driver status
  • Availability of their vehicles

Also, this software helps taxi companies streamline their operations and track and assign rides to drivers efficiently.

How does it work?

Taxi management software uses cutting-edge algorithms and real-time data to help taxi business owners manage their resources efficiently, improving customer satisfaction. The most crucial point is that when a taxi business uses dispatch software, it attains a competitive edge compared to people not using it.

Live GPS tracking:

This is one of the most important and needed features across all taxi dispatch software. This feature allows taxi companies to track all their vehicles in real-time and identify their taxis’ locations. These features assist taxi business owners and passengers in getting to know the driver’s exact location and arrival time.

Well-designed driver management system:

Cabcher has a well-designed user interface that can oversee driver productivity, monitor their earnings, and coordinate their schedules effectively. The driver’s mobile login also displays essential information such as ride details, navigation and customer feedback.

Customer booking app:

To improve the customer experience, it’s always crucial to have an easy-to-use customer booking app. The app should have an easy user interface that allows them to book a ride, monitor the taxi’s location in real time, and have the option to make cashless transactions.

Route optimization:

Cabcher helps taxi drivers improve their experience by allowing them to select navigation apps that suit their convenience and choose options to avoid highways, tolls, and ferries.

Hassle-free payment options:

Cabcher provides various payment methods to collect payments, including credit and debit cards and multiple payment gateways, which ensures a smooth and hassle-free payment. Incorporating a secure payment gateway increases trust and confidence in our services, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Analytics and Reporting:

Cabcher enhances taxi companies’ operations and decision-making processes by providing comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. This software allows every taxi business to focus on improving and analyzing driver activity and ride information.

Voucher management:

Cabcher could assist taxi businesses in turning every first-time user into a long-lasting customer by providing customized vouchers to both new and existing customers, making the software their ideal taxi booking portal. The voucher management helps every taxi business offer various voucher options such as flat rate, percentage, specific categories, or customer discounts. With the help of voucher management functions, taxi businesses can reward their customers and encourage their loyalty.

Customer support and feedback:

Cabcher, as the best taxi dispatch software, has a dedicated customer support feature that enables passengers to request help and share their feedback about their ride experiences. This feature helps taxi business owners immediately address their passenger feedback and easily understand their areas to improve and focus on, improving the business functions and overall service quality.

Still, many taxi companies and business founders want to implement the best cab dispatch software like Cabcher, which provides an extensive solution with many features and functionalities to improve their business. However, it’s essential to recognize that not all features may be necessary or suitable for every business or operation.

So that’s why, in the above blog, we explained the features that help increase your customer experience.

By choosing Cabcher as your taxi dispatch software, you can delight your customers with punctuality, professionalism and convenience at every ride; feel Free to Look at the Demo