Cabcher Best Taxi Dispatch Software


Thinking about upgrading your taxi business and its operation to the next level?

Ever felt about improving your customer satisfaction and driver efficiency?

Do you want to automate and manage your fleets very efficiently?

If you feel the above everything, you are at the right place. Let’s take a look into an emerging taxi dispatch software – Cabcher that can meet all the needs of your taxi company. We provide both the customer side and Admin dashboard side demo for you to understand our application better before subscribing to us.

Customer Demo:

The customer demo site replicates the front end of your booking app for customers to enter the booking information at first sight. It has been designed in such a way they can find it easy to navigate through and confirm their booking within minutes.

  1. The Booking Input: The front page is streamlined to enter the booking information by the customer in the mentioned form without any distraction or confusion helping them feel easy without getting lost and also improves your booking conversion rates on the website.
  2. Choose your trip: Once your customer enters the trip pickup and destination details with the time of pickup. After clicking the ‘Get the quote’ button, they will be directed toward the second stage which has various vehicle types or categories to choose from for their travel with the price quote for them to book.
  1. Get your quote: Once after choosing whether it’s a single trip or a round trip, your customer will be allowed to enter other information that is necessary for the trip. Then, the final quote will be generated with multiple payment options to choose from.

Once your customer fills in all the details, they will be taken to the confirmation page of the booking with a reference number and options to download the booking confirmation in PDF format.

Admin Dashboard Demo:

Let’s jump into the admin dashboard site that provides you with a suite of features that can help every taxi business become more effective. Here are a few key functionalities that are worth mentioning:

  1. Notable General Features:
    1. Multiple Payment Gateway: Business is all about trading and transactions. We have integrations to numerous payment options for you to collect the fare.
    2. Driver app: A dedicated application for your taxi drivers for communication, navigation, and scheduling purposes.
  1. Organize, control and coordinate:
    1. Dispatch: Cabcher helps you assign rides either manually or automatically based on your feasibility.
    2. Driver Management: Maintaining detailed information about drivers with all the legal document
    3. Customer Management: Maintain the booking details and customer information.
  1. Application Settings: This setting lets you customize various aspects of your service, including pricing options, category of the locations, currency, and timezone.
  1. Advanced features:
    1. Multiple pricing options let you offer flexible pricing options that suit your business needs and the customers.
    2. Voucher Management provides you the option to implement a variety of promotional offers. This is an opportunity for taxi business owners to increase customer retention when the offers are properly combined and implemented for either new or existing customers.
    3. Facilitate corporate invoicing and other financial transactions through accounts and sub-accounts features.
  1. SEO and CMS: Optimize and improve website search ranking using our SEO features with a user-friendly CMS concept. By implementing proper SEO methods you can attract more customers and increase the volume of your bookings.
  1. Notification and Reviews: Notification will keep your customers engaged and informed. Our software features allow you to collect reviews from customers right after the ride completion which can make you understand more about your service and you can implement necessary action towards your business improvements.
  1. Statistical Data: Dashboard statistics provide you with an Earnings overview that helps you monitor the overall revenue and your business performance in terms of transactions. Additionally, it also provides you with booking statistical data to track the number of rides, completed rides, and future bookings helping you to understand the frequency of your fleet, and providing an eagle-eye view approach to upgrading/ expanding your taxi business.

Mobile Apps:

We offer separate drivers and customers to improve convenience and customer retention. Both Customer and Driver apps are available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

What are you still waiting for? Just take a look at our demo.

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