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The Top 5 Features of Cabcher Dispatch Software

The Top 5 Features of Cabcher Dispatch Software

Are you searching for the best and most convenient and best taxi dispatch software with mind-blowing features? Then you are reading the right blog at the right time in this evolving world, cabcher offers the best and most unique taxi dispatch software with innovative features which is more customer-centric and easy to use. 

With this technology, you can handle numerous fleets of taxis at your disposal anytime and anywhere. Cabcher helps your taxi business to increase profits, efficiency, and customer loyalty, which makes you stand out among your competitors. 

We have numerous advanced features like 7 payment gateways to Advance Booking Restrictions, and we will look at the top 5 features that will skyrocket your taxi business in no time and make you the king of the world of transportation. With these features, you can give your customers a seamless, personalized experience.

Caller ID Feature: 

Instantly level up your booking game with our lightning-fast client notifications! As soon as a ride gets booked, you’ll be alerted with two powerful options:

1. Search Booking: Skip the form filling with “Search Booking.” Cabcher scans your database for existing customers matching the phone number, saving your precious time and effort.

2. Make Booking: Opens the door to capturing new business. Simply tap to fill the form with their details and secure the ride – easy as pie!

SMS Integration Feature:

After booking your taxi, many customers feel anxious and stressed out because of not knowing the clear details about the taxi that they booked; this may be a big concern for both taxi business owners and passengers, but now this is not an issue because with Cabcher’s highly efficient SMS integration, you can now inform your customers about all the taxi booking details and also share real-time data without wasting a single second, which eliminates the anxiety and the days of constant checking disappeared. 

This feature helps taxi businesses notify passengers instantly and give a hassle-free experience, which makes them thoroughly impressed by the excellent service provided by you, which makes them happy and loyal customers.

Hourly Pack Feature: 

With Cabcher, we have developed a revolutionary Hourly Package feature. As a taxi business owner, you know that time is of the essence. We understand this and have developed this feature. Now your customers can book a taxi for hours, and they don’t have to worry about the strict timetables or deal with the limitations of traditional taxi services. 

This ultimate hourly package feature gives customers the freedom to attend multiple meetings or enjoy a day with their family while easily booking a cab for a few hours or a day. This feature is the ultimate game changer in the taxi dispatch industry, where every second counts and makes you the industry leader.

Google Calendar Feature: 

Missed scheduling and frustrating delays are a thing of the past with our seamless Google Calendar integration! Get timely push notifications directly on your phone, reminding you about your upcoming booking minutes or hours before it starts.

No more checking the clock or worrying about missed connections.


We created a perfect gateway solution to manage all your accounts in a single dashboard where you can manage your tax rates, invoices, and booking tax setup. Streamlining your accounts make a smooth functioning of the taxi business and handle client more effectively. Whether it’s invoicing, simplifying tax rates, or even setting up booking taxes, Cabcher’s advanced integration system has got you covered. 

No more complications by integrating multiple functionalities to make your dispatch system more effective. Our advanced technology provides you with everything in a single dashboard with all the advanced features to scale your business. It enables you to track every piece of information more accurately.

Cabcher tends to introduce innovative features that are needed to satisfy the demands of every business owner to provide exceptional service

Taking advantage of the cabcher’s ability, remember that it is designed exclusively to provide value not only to dispatchers but also to taxi drivers and your customers. Now, it’s up to you to upgrade and elevate your game in the market by competing with other taxi-based businesses that are already in advanced business technologies. Make your customers feel the seamless experience with automated dispatch system by saving your efforts and time.

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