Cabcher Best Taxi Dispatch Software

The Ultimate Guide to Cabcher Dispatch Software

Any business that focuses on efficiency is able to succeed and the taxi industry is no exception. With the advanced technologies, taxi companies are recommended to implement taxi dispatch softwares that can bring a difference in the way of operations. If you are a taxi business owner and planning to scale, expand your business, then you should focus on streamlining and improving fleet management.

It emerges as the best dispatch software stands outs for its simple and more streamlined interface that helps with your end-to-end taxi operations. Competition in the taxi market is more extreme and every taxi business is in need to upgrade themselves into adapting new technologies to survive and scale. This is where taxi dispatch softwares like cabcher comes into play to streamline, automate your taxi business operations and provide seamless customer experience.

Let’s understand Cabcher:

Cabcher helps to streamline any taxi or private hire business, it simplifies the process of taxi dispatch by connecting passengers and drivers for a seamless business operations.

Cabcher is becoming an emerging and convenient taxi dispatch system to every taxi company from small size to larger operations. Every taxi business nowadays needs a taxi dispatch software like Cabcher to improve their business efficiency and save their time to focus on marketing and business development.

A perfect tool like Cabcher help from automated dispatching to real time tracking of the fleet by minimizing your involvement as a business owner which provides you time to focus on other part of your business such as marketing, expansion etc.,

Features that you need to know:

  1. Automated Dispatching: The automated dispatching features allows the software to allocate pickups to available drivers for acceptance and confirms the ride only after it gets accepted by any of the available drivers.
  2. Real time tracking: With the Driver mobile app, Cabcher enables real-time tracking of fleet allowing the taxi business administrators to monitor the fleet location and allow them to assign any upcoming pickups.
  3. Driver Management: Driver management system acts as a complete database to manage all the drivers registered with your business. This also helps us to manage and verify the documents submitted by the drivers on expiry and renewal.
  4. Customer Booking Portal: It provides you a user friendly booking portal where your customers are able to book a ride, choose vehicles and preferred payment method for seamless booking experience.
  5. Fare calculation: The software has the ability to calculate the fares based on the distance, time and any additional charges ensuring transparent pricing to your customers
  6. Reporting and Analytics: Software allows you to generate date wise reports on the information of all fleets and allow you to export booking information that provides you an opportunity to make informed decisions.

Benefits of implementing our software:

  1. Improved efficiency: By utilising the automated dispatching technology, you are able to streamline your business operations, reducing the idle time of drivers. Also it saves your time and your administrators allowing you to focus on various other factors that might pave the way for your business growth.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: The convenience of using Cabcher customer application helps the customer experience a seamless booking process like real-time tracking, convenient booking options, accurate fare calculations and the avoidance of unnecessary interactions with the driver on pickup.
  3. No more idle drivers: Driver management allows you to monitor all the fleet which can bring the full potential of your company driver management without letting any drivers be idle.
  4. Scalability: Whether you are managing a small fleet or larger operations, Cabcher is the best option for you to meet the needs of taxi companies of all sizes, providing flexibility and support towards your growth.
  5. Competitive Advantage: Faster response time, better service, transparent pricing gives taxi companies a competitive advantage in an emerging market of taxi industry attracting more customers and retaining existing ones.

Implementation Process:

As a team, we always be true to our commitments from ensuring a seamless dashboard setup till the launch of your application with our technical and support team.


Cabcher dispatch software is emerging as a powerful tool that can revolutionize the taxi industry providing better customer service and helping you scale and maximize your profitability. Taxi businesses who can understand the usage of Cabcher and its potential impacts can start focussing on scaling their business and maximizing profitability.

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