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Top 5 Essential Elements that Your Taxi Dispatch Software Should have

Top 5 Essential Elements that Your Taxi Dispatch Software Should have

Managing a Taxi business is not just about picking and dropping the customer from one place to another. It is about doing it efficiently and smoothly. Also, it is important to have a best taxi dispatch software for managing your business. With so much of options you don’t know which one to choose. But we are listing out 5 essential elements to choose a best taxi dispatch software.  Whether you are starting a taxi business or you want to upgrade it, these elements will make your rides rolling with customers smiling.

1.  Seamless Operation Management:


The taxi dispatch software dashboard acts as a central hub for managing all the operations in this business. It helps you to easily add or edit bookings. It ensures whether the driver has been allocated or assigned to a customer.  Not only that, it allows you to monitor the exact location of the driver and optimizes the route automatically. But what if I have to cancel the booking? No tension, you have options for that too.

Driver Management

The driver management menu comes with options to add or edit drivers and mange driver statements. From driver registration to verifying all the documents, this dashboard tracks the driver clearly. If your Documents is going to expire this dashboard provides a gentle reminder about it. The punctuality and the behaviour of the drivers can be monitored easily.

Customer Management

We know what you are thinking. Yes, it is essential to have a separate dashboard for customers. From editing the details of the customer to view their bookings, this dashboard satisfies the needs of customer.  We can Suspend/Delete customer.

Most of the taxi dispatch software will not have all these 3 dashboards separately? But Cabcher has!

2.  Combined Management Features:

Email SMTP Setup:

It is important for this type of taxi dispatch software to set up SMTP in applications. Why because it helps in providing email notifications for the customers. By this you can provide timely updates which enhances customer communication.

 Route Optimisation:

The route optimization helps to maximize the efficiency. It also helps the customers to avoid the tolls, ferries and highways to reach the destination as quick as possible.

SMS Integration:

Many people feel lost when they don’t have clear details about the taxi they have booked. Through SMS integration you can now inform the details of the taxi business. So that, the customers may not constantly check through the phone.

Hourly Package:

Each and every second is valuable. We know, that is why this feature has been introduced for the taxi business. This package helps the clients to attend multiple meetings in a day, or to travel with friends for a few hours.

Google Calendar:

Worrying about missed connections? Now you can schedule your rides in a pre-booking mode. This provides timely notification directly on your phone before the actual ride starts.

Notifications: You can send quick notifications to admin, drivers, and passengers about the travel. Notification can be sent through various platforms like Emails, Apps, browse and by SMS.

3. Statistics

The statistics feature helps to measure the performance of the taxi business through taxi management software. How many bookings have been done and received, the number of completion rides, the future rides and how much earnings received etc can be analysed using this feature.

4. Pricing and Voucher Management

The pricing-related information of a taxi booking system can be viewed using this software. It contains different categories such as Vehicle Pricing, Child Seat Pricing, Location Category Pricing, Fixed Pricing, Distance Pricing, Congestion Charges, Special Dates Surcharge and Location/Zone Surcharge. Not only that, vouchers can be created and managed.

5. Payment Gateway

The taxi dispatch software integrates with several reliable payment gateways, including PayPal, Square, Stripe, SumUp, Mollie, Viva, and RMS. This diverse selection allows customers to choose their preferred payment method and enhances their convenience and satisfaction. By this, we can simplify the payment process for the passengers.

These 5 elements help the taxi business to run smoothly and efficiently, which leads to customer satisfaction. And the good news is Cabcher Taxi Dispatch Software includes all these features, which can be a solution for your business needs. With Cabcher, you can keep your rides rolling and your customers smiling. Learn More About Our Pricing